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Before embarking on a long journey of manufacturing intelligence, it is most important to have a proper grasp of your manufacturing environment. The long journey is off to a safe start only by setting the right direction—defining the overall process and checking the data collection infrastructure for different stages to maximize equipment management efficiency.

Through its expertise in processing and analyzing manufacturing data procured through experiences establishing the smart factory systems across various industries, MICUBE Solution thoroughly analyzes customers’ manufacturing environment and proposes the optimal system to fill the needs and wants of customers seeking digital transformation.

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션
엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

Smart factory can only grow further on sturdy foundations.

Computerization and automation of manufacturing sites are now mandatory. Modern work sites have already grown almost beyond the reach of manual control. The increasing variety of products leads to a vast list of parts and materials to procure, making it difficult to establish timely production plans. Any problems in processes or equipment may delay production for days.

This can all be solved with smart factory solutions such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Meet MICUBE Solution’s self-developed solutions responsible for innovations across more than 80 customers.

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

Accumulated manufacturing
data can yield newfound value.

Building smart factory systems will create a massive amount of data— namely, big data— from on-site sensors, equipment, and main system. However, the valuable big data from various manufacturing sites are left neglected without further use or eventually discarded due to oversights or lack of experience in analysis and utilization although they are valuable assets for digitalizing the sites.

MICUBE Solution can help you find value from the piles of big data to give your business wings. We propose an end-to-end solution covering from the beginning to the end for data processing and analytical tools suiting your perspectives and manufacturing intelligence through predictive maintenance and process optimization.