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Make the great leap for the machinery industry with digital transformation.

The machine industry is the backbone of every industry with the fierce competitions due to the regualtions which came from environmental and social changes, the labor cost, technological development, and others. To overcome the increasing the difficulties to manage and operate your factory and pursue the sustainable growth, we must establish the sturdy base of the smart factory.

MICUBE Solution aims to serve as the game changer for your great leap forward. We will help you build systems optimized for manufacturing environment and pave the base for digital transformation.

Three objectives for paving the
foundation of digital transformation for manufacturing

  • 01 Building the basis of transparent and expedient manufacturing data sharing with relevant departments and partners
  • 02 Increasing productivity with Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) as well as decreasing Work-in-Progress (WIP) and inventories
  • 03 Introducing predictive maintenance and asset management system for uninterrupted operation of machine processing and assembly equipment

We provide the complete solution and services for efficient management and tracking of all production elements including workforces, material, means of production, and equipment.

Smart Factory

Pave the base of the smart factory through procuring reference data management system and general work computerization.

Computerization of all works including reference data management system needed for general management of production activities from order to shipment, establishment of design/production/quality plans and performance management, and status analysis required first and foremost for building the smart factory.

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Manufacturing AI

Introduce intelligent solutions for zero downtime in the manufacturing process.

For real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of manufacturing and assembly equipment as well as asset management, IT technologies, such as AI, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Cyber Physical System (CPS), are needed in your manufacturing site more than ever.

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The smart factory system may be as complex as automobile manufacturing, but it can be easily implemented.

Let us introduce MICUBE Solution's professional consulting team that will offer you the best fit engineered solutions to build and connect complex factory systems including PLM, MES, EAM, SCM, and ERP successfully.

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Build a customized smart factory
for your own manufacturing site!

As a trustworthy partner, MICUBE Solution walks with you from the beginning to the end.