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Beloved products come from systematic process management.

The electricity and electronics industries are quintessentially discrete industries, which intensively use many different components and technologies for production with relatively short product life cycle and utmost importance in supplies of components and materials due to quick responses required for emerging technologies and increasing customers' needs.

Accumulated over a long period of time in the electricity and electronics industries with the earliest necessity for the manufacturing execution system (MES), MICUBE Solution's expertise on smart factory combined with the cutting-edge technologies will be the best enabler to innovate your manufacturing sites.

Three objectives for the better
systematic process management

  • 01 Traceability across the whole process from component and material procurement to product shipment
  • 02 Integrated management of lot & product info in connection with ERP
  • 03 Preemptive detection over ultraprecision assembly process and real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance for the on-site equipment

Gain visibility into ultra-precision part production and product assembly line
to facilitate the agile decision-making process.

Smart Factory

With the tightly integrated manufacturing data system,
realize your business intelligence.

We provide rapid and accurate basis for sharing manufacturing data to assure transparency and visibility throughout the production process and connect with the legacy system such as ERP and SCM to enable agile decision-making.

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Manufacturing AI

Remove potential human errors in the assembly line and prevent equipment malfunction in advance.

The Equipment Engineering System (EES) is combined with AI technologies to enable intelligent fault detection, equipment operation recipe management, and predictive maintenance through real-time monitoring for prompt failover.

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Employ MICUBE Solution's customized consulting services with rich experiences.

We have been establishing and operating smart factory systems including MES, EES, and FA with a variety of clients, including Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDI, Daeduck Electronics, Taihan Fiberoptics, and many more.

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Build a customized smart factory
for your own manufacturing site!

As a trustworthy partner, MICUBE Solution walks with you from the beginning to the end.